About project Giftyrobot

So, what is Giftyrobot ?

Giftyrobot helps you find out what kind of present is your friend wishing for; either it is birthday,
wedding, anniversary or another important occasion.
It's really easy: just fill in your and the lucky person's email. You will then receive an email with the
gift idea. After entering an authorisation code, your acquaintance gets directly into the categories where
he/she can choose the desired gift. Once this is done, you ll be immediately notified via text message
and redirected to your email box for further details. Then you just purchase the perfect gift in store or


Giftyrobot's aim:

Giftyrobot's main aim is to quickly and anonymously help you with solving the issue of the perfect gift
for any occasion. Gifts can be difficult to choose and we want to help you save your precious time.


How does Giftyrobot work ?


The benefits of using Giftyrobot:
The advantage of using this service is saving yourself the need of asking over and over for the gift
ideas or suggestions. Everything is simple, just a few clicks and everyone will be happy and thrilled
about their perfect gifts !

Try it here.